Parenting Tips for Serving Healthy Cancer-Preventing Foods

As a parent, you’ll naturally want to give your little ones the best start in life; diet is one important component of this. By establishing cancer-preventing foods like garlic and spinach in meals for the kids in their early years, you set them up with a taste for healthy foods that will last throughout their adult lives.

It’ll come as no surprise that it’s always better to prevent an illness than having to cure it, this goes for cancer too. Bladder cancer diagnoses are on the rise, particularly in the West, which is why so many bladder cancer clinics are focusing considerably on the condition. With all of this in mind, we should all be taking whatever measures we can to decrease our chances of developing the condition.

One major risk factor for developing bladder cancer, along with countless other types of cancer, is our diets. The food we eat affects us in all kinds of ways, so a healthy and balanced diet is key to living a long and mostly illness-free life. By altering our diet we can actually reduce the likelihood we’ll develop certain types of cancer, this goes for kids and adults alike. One thing to always note, however, is that no diet change will ever prevent you from developing an illness completely.

With that introduction into the fact that diet can play a major role in medical conditions like cancer, let’s explore what foods you should be serving to your kids to help prevent cancer in later life, especially bladder cancer.


2694720316_4693c8051a_zIt’s no secret that fruit and vegetables are good for the body, but did you know that tomatoes are supposed to be particularly good for reducing your chance of developing cancer over the long-term?

Tomatoes contain an interesting chemical which is named Lycopene which has been seen to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer in a Lycopene-rich diet. It is thought that this compound has positive effects on the immune system which helps in preventing damaged cells from beginning to form tumours.


2294821086_9df96c2f35_zMost people, at first, wouldn’t think that something as small and simple as garlic could help in the fight against cancer; however, there is actually an array of benefits associated with consuming garlic – despite potential bad breath.

Compounds of sulphur-related chemicals found in garlic are thought to do three main things over a longer period of consumption, these are:
• Help in prevention and destruction of cancer cells.
• Preventing substances from forming in the body that may be related to cancer development.
• Help the process of repairing DNA, which also reduces the likelihood of cells becoming cancerous in nature.

Now knowing these potential benefits of garlic, why not add some to your next meal?


3390827181_c09391bbdf_zThere’s a myriad of reasons why you should be eating spinach like your parents and grandparents always told you. However, we’re betting they didn’t realise the cancer-fighting elements of this underrated food.

You may have read about an antioxidant called Lutein which has been hailed for its benefits for the eyes, however, there is some evidence that this compound assists your body in removing some of the molecules which are thought to be responsible for certain types of cancer. These are known as ‘free radicals’ and spinach will help you take care of them.


2579890315_b942ef67e0_zBroccoli is the one food people actually all expect has a positive effect on cancer and the prevention of cancer. These people would be right; broccoli has actually been seen to help in preventing the development of some types of cancer conditions.

Glucosinolates in broccoli stimulate the activity of enzymes in the body, one of which is called Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane, and other similar enzymes, appear to do two good things. Firstly, they might aid in fighting toxic substances by making them somewhat inert. Secondly, they fight against a certain type of common bacterium called H. Pylori which may sometimes play a part in the development of cancer.

A Healthy & Varied Diet is Best

As with making diet changes to help prevent any type of disease, on the whole, a healthy and varied diet is the way to go to for the whole family. Try to keep to the recommended daily allowance of things like sugar, salt, and fat; you should also try to work in a number of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Consider adding a few of the above cancer-fighting foods into you and your children’s meals to really start seeing the benefits.

A number of prominent cancer clinics are now suggesting exactly as above as the prevention of cancer appears to be the more productive way of fighting this devastating condition rather than curing it.

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