Top Tips for Working From the Home Office

Working from home, although how ideal it may sound, might not be as blissful as you could have imagined. It’s easy to come across various little problems which can stop you on your tracks from completing your work, or completely utilising the space which you possess to do so. We have constructed various tips which we believe will help any individuals make the most out of their home office, setting them up for successful work time.


Work in sprints

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According to Tony Schartz, who is an engagement consultant with working experiences with the companies as huge as Coca-Cola, Facebook and Google. He is now actively writing for the New York Times where he has raised the argument that giving quality work requires a lot of focus and concentration. Stating that these levels of concentration can’t be upheld for a very long period of time. If you want to keep up quality work it is worth working in sprints in order to take time to re-charge your focus levels to keep producing your best work.


Light & interiors

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Bad lighting can be enough to throw you off your game. With lighting too low or intense it can give a negative effect both on your mind set and your performance. So it’s important to get a good balance. Never try to replace natural light with artificial lighting, as it will mentally do you no favours and derail motivation.


Second hand furniture

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Working from home can have many benefits to you as a person, although with the pro’s there is a light mixture of cons to go with it. One of the main problems with the home office is the money which is involved in getting all the equipment and furniture that you need in order to work efficiently. We’d highly suggest buying furniture second-hand. Use furniture is often much cheaper than its brand new counterpart and often, there isn’t much difference in the quality. If you are looking for second-hand used office furniture, there is many companies who refurnish previously used furniture in order to cut down on waste by encouraging recycling. We’d highly recommend companies such as Gazelle office furniture in Bristol, who have time after time helped us get furniture for an incredible price- you genuinely wouldn’t know that the table I’m typing from right now was previously used and second hand.


Don’t mix work with personal life

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When you are building your own home office, it’s greatly important to remember to not load the room with things form your personal life- no TVs, computer games, non-work related books. As you’ll begin to separate the border between work and play, giving yourself an opportunity to opt out of your tasks for something slightly more recreational. Be slightly strict on yourself and refer to the first point that I made with the working in sprints.

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